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Entry  Tue Jun 12 00:15:51 2012, Jenne, Update, Computers, rtcds: command not found 
    Reply  Tue Jun 12 11:25:05 2012, Jamie, Update, Computers, rtcds: command not found 
       Reply  Tue Jun 12 17:46:09 2012, Jenne, Update, Computers, rtcds: command found 
Message ID: 6807     Entry time: Tue Jun 12 17:46:09 2012     In reply to: 6801
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: rtcds: command found 



We can't compile any changes to the LSC or the GCV models since Jamie's new script / program isn't found.  I don't know where it is (I can't find it either), so I can't do the compiling by hand, or point explicitly to the script.  The old way of compiling models in the wiki is obsolete, and didn't work :(

Sorry about that.  I had modified the path environment that pointed to the rtcds util.  The rtcds util is now in /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/rtcds, which is in the path.  Starting a new shell should make it available again.

 Added TRX and TRY and POY11_I_ERR and POX11_I_ERR to the c1lsc.mdl using a new-style DAQ Channels block, recompiled, installed, started the model, all good.  Restarted the daqd on the framebuilder, and everything is green.  I can go back and get recorded data using dataviewer (for the last few minutes since I started fb), so it all looks good.

Note on the new DAQ Channels block:  Put the text block (from CDS_PARTS) at the same level as the channel you want to save, and name it exactly as it is in the model.  The code-generator will add the _DQ for you.  i.e. if you define a channel "TRY_OUT_DQ" in the lsc model, you'll end up with a channel "C1:LSC-TRY_OUT_DQ_DQ".

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