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Entry  Tue Jun 5 20:42:59 2012, Suresh, Summary, IOO, Tip-Tilt Cabling 40m_Tip-tilt_cabling.png
    Reply  Tue Jun 5 22:39:06 2012, Jenne, Summary, IOO, Tip-Tilt Cabling 
       Reply  Wed Jun 6 01:23:32 2012, Suresh, Summary, IOO, Tip-Tilt Cabling 
Message ID: 6759     Entry time: Tue Jun 5 22:39:06 2012     In reply to: 6756     Reply to this: 6762
Author: Jenne 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Tip-Tilt Cabling 

2 questions (so far) regarding your diagram / doc:

We are using 3 of the feed-throughs on the BS chamber, and 1 on the OMC chamber, even though we have 2 TTs on the BS table, 1 on the OMC table, and 1 on the IMC table? Just wanted to check.

Does your list / table at the bottom include all of the cables we already have, as well as the ones we need?  (Or maybe we just have nothing so far, so this is a moot question).

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