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Message ID: 6688     Entry time: Fri May 25 23:11:50 2012
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC spot positions measured 

[Koji, Yuta, Suresh]

We measured the MC spot positions after re-aligning the MC.  The spot positions are listed below:

spot positions in mm (MC1,2,3 pit MC1,2,3 yaw):
    3.9073    6.6754    2.8591   -7.6985   -0.9492    7.0423



1) In the directory /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/ASS/MC  we have the following scripts

      a) mcassUp:    This sets up the MCASS lockins to excite each of the MC mirrors at a different frequency

      b) mcassOn:    This sets the MCASS output matrix to actually send the excitation signals to the mirrors

      c) senseMCdecenter:  This sequentially introduces a 10% offset into the coil gains of each mirror degree of freedom.   It also sends the lockin output data to the screen. 

      d) sensemcass.m :  This is a matlab file which digests the data gathered by the senseMCdecenter script to print a couple of plots and compute the spot positions.

      e) MCASS_StripTool.stp:  This is a set-up file for the StripTool which allows us to see the MCASS-lockin_outputs.  It is nice to see the action of senseMCdecenter  script  at work.


2) So the series of commands to use are

      a) ./StripTool  <-- MCASS_StripTool.stp

      b) ./mcassUp

      c) ./mcassOn

      d) ./senseMCdecenter | tee Output_file

       e) ./mcassOff

      f) ./mcassDown

       g) matlab <-- sensemcass.m  <---- Output_file


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