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Entry  Mon May 7 21:05:38 2012, Den, Update, CDS, biquad filter form 
    Reply  Tue May 8 09:47:53 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, biquad filter form 
       Reply  Tue May 8 10:43:42 2012, Den, Update, CDS, biquad filter form 
Message ID: 6624     Entry time: Tue May 8 10:43:42 2012     In reply to: 6622
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: biquad filter form 



I wanted to switch the implementation of IIR_FILTER from DIRECT FORM II to BIQUAD form in C1IOO and C1SUS models. I modified RCG file /opt/rtcds/rtscore/release/src/fe/controller.c by adding #define CORE_BIQUAD line:

#define CORE_BIQUAD      
#if defined(CORE_BIQUAD)

 I am really not ok with anyone modifying controller.c.  If we're going to be messing around with that we need to change procedure significantly.  This is the code that runs all the models, and we don't currently have any way to track changes in the code.

Did you change it back?  If not, do so immediately and stop messing with it.  Please consult with us first before embarking on these kinds of severe changes to our code.  This is the kind of shit that other people have done that has bit us in the ass in the past.

Futhermore, there is already a way to enable biquad filters in the new version with out modifying the RCG source.  All you need to do is set biquad=1 in the cdsParameters block for you model.



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