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Message ID: 6618     Entry time: Mon May 7 21:46:10 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: guralp signal error 

GUR1_XYZ_IN1 and GUR2_XYZ_IN1 are the same and equal to GUR2_XYZ.  This is bad since GUR1_XYZ_IN1 should be equal to GUR1_XYZ.  Note that GUR#_XYZ are copies of GUR#_XYZ_OUT, so there may be (although there isn't right now) filtering between the _IN1's and the _OUT's.  But certainly GUR1 should look like GUR1, not GUR2!!!

Looks like CDS problem, maybe some channel-hopping going on? I'm trying a restart of the c1sus computer right now, to see if that helps.....

Figure:  Green and red should be the same, yellow and blue should be the same.  Note however that green matches yellow and blue, not red.  Bad.




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