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Entry  Mon May 7 21:05:38 2012, Den, Update, CDS, biquad filter form 
    Reply  Tue May 8 09:47:53 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, biquad filter form 
       Reply  Tue May 8 10:43:42 2012, Den, Update, CDS, biquad filter form 
Message ID: 6616     Entry time: Mon May 7 21:05:38 2012     Reply to this: 6622
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: biquad filter form 

I wanted to switch the implementation of IIR_FILTER from DIRECT FORM II to BIQUAD form in C1IOO and C1SUS models. I modified RCG file /opt/rtcds/rtscore/release/src/fe/controller.c by adding #define CORE_BIQUAD line:

#define CORE_BIQUAD      
#if defined(CORE_BIQUAD)

C1IOO model compiled, installed and is running now. C1SUS model compiled, but during installation I've got an error:

controls@c1sus ~ 0$ rtcds install c1sus

Installing system=c1sus site=caltech ifo=C1,c1
Installing /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/chans/C1SUS.txt
Installing /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/target/c1sus/c1susepics
Installing /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/target/c1sus
Installing start and stop scripts
Performing install-daq
Updating testpoint.par config file
/opt/rtcds/rtscore/branches/branch-2.5/src/epics/util/updateTestpointPar.pl -par_file=/opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/target/gds/param/archive/testpoint_120507_205359.par -gds_node=21 -site_letter=C -system=c1sus -host=c1sus
Installing GDS node 21 configuration file
Installing auto-generated DAQ configuration file
Installing EDCU ini file
Installing Epics MEDM screens
Running post-build script

ERROR: Could not find file: test.py
Searched path: :/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/cds/c1/scripts:/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/cds/common/scripts:/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/isc/c1/scripts:/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/isc/common/scripts:/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/sus/c1/scripts:/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/sus/common/scripts:/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/psl/c1/scripts:/opt/rtcds/userapps/release/psl/common/scripts
make: *** [install-c1sus] Error 1

Jamie, what is this test.py?

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