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Message ID: 6608     Entry time: Sat May 5 20:42:59 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PMC 

[Koji, Den]

Koji was right that I misaligned everything during the alignment work. I assumed that PMC should autolock and when I saw that it did not, I thought the laser is misaligned.

What we did:

1. Aligned mirrors to get the beam on the PD PMC REFL and PMCR camera. The PSL-PMC_RFPDDC was ~800 mV.

2. We disabled PMC servo, switching it to test position and changed "DC output adjust" by 0.01 in a loop

while true
    ezcawrite "C1:PSL-PMC_RAMP" -4.50
    ezcastep "C1:PSL-PMC_RAMP" "+0.01,450" -s "0.1"
    ezcawrite "C1:PSL-PMC_RAMP" 0.0
    ezcastep -s "0.1" -- "C1:PSL-PMC_RAMP" "-0.01,450"

3. While the script was running we adjusted the position of the beam on the far PMC mirror looking at an IR viewer. The goal is to align two steering mirrors to catch some resonances. We monitored them on the oscilloscope and on the PMCT camera.

4. We locked PMC and aligned steering mirrors.

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