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Entry  Sat May 5 01:24:07 2012, Den, Update, PSL, PMC whitening.jpgmcf_v.png
    Reply  Sat May 5 09:13:02 2012, Koji, Update, PSL, PMC 
       Reply  Sat May 5 10:20:21 2012, Den, Update, PSL, PMC 
          Reply  Sat May 5 12:23:38 2012, Koji, Update, PSL, PMC 
Message ID: 6607     Entry time: Sat May 5 12:23:38 2012     In reply to: 6606
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PMC 

No matter how you connect/disconnect, touching the laser may cause the PMC unlocked.

At least, I don't see the PMC reflection on the PD.
This means that the beam towards the PMC is largely misaligned.

If you are not sure what is misaligned, stop touching the table.
Close the shutter of the laser on the laser housing and leave the optics as they are.

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