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Entry  Wed Feb 15 11:34:01 2012, steve, Update, , under the shouth end optical table P1080535.JPGP1080537.JPG
    Reply  Thu Apr 26 09:22:17 2012, steve, Update, , under the east end optical table 
Message ID: 6571     Entry time: Thu Apr 26 09:22:17 2012     In reply to: 6282
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Subject: under the east end optical table 


I added an U channel based bottom shelf at the south end today.

 I'm working on similar shelf at ETMY.  Precondition: NPRO in bypass mode, heater for doubling in bypass........since power outage?  Optical level servo turned off.......

U-channel based shelf in place.  Oplev servo is back on at 11:15am    The table may moved.  The oplev return is missing the quad by a few milimeter.

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