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Message ID: 6535     Entry time: Sat Apr 14 00:19:35 2012
Author: Suresh 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Optical Fibers for insitu RFPD characterisation  

   I have worked out the fibers we need to get for the following distribution scheme:

1) We have a laser placed at the 1Y1 rack.  A part of the power is split off for monitoring the laser output and sent to a broadband PD also placed in the same rack.  The RF excitation applied to the laser is split and sent to LSC rack (1Y2) and used to calibrate the full PD+Demod board system for each RFPD.

2) A single fiber goes from the laser to a 11+ way switch located in the OMC electronics cabinet next to the AP table.  From here the fibers branch out to three different tables.

Table / Rack   RF PDs on the table Number of PDs Fiber Length from OMC
The AP table AS11,AS55,AS165,REFL11,REFL33,REFL55,REFL165 7 6 m
The ITMY table POY11 1 12 m
The ITMX table POX11, POP22/110 and POP55 3 20 m


Cable for the laser source to the OMC table:

The 1Y1 Rack to OMC rack AM Laser Source to Switch 25 m

We also require a cable going from PSL table to the ETMY table:   This is not a part of the RFPD characterisation.  It is a part of the PSL to Y-end Aux laser lock  which is a part of the green locking scheme.  But it is  fiber we need and might as well order it now along with the rest.

PSL Table to ETMY Table PSL to ETMY Aux laser 75m


If you would like to add anything to this layout / scheme, please comment.  On Monday Eric is going to take a look at this and place orders for the fibers.

(I have included the lengths required for routing the fibers and added another 20% to that ) 


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