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Message ID: 6490     Entry time: Thu Apr 5 18:24:55 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Adaptive Filtering 
Subject: oaf starts to work 

Today I tried to make the lms filter to work online. I played around with the signals (GUR1_X and MC_F) to pre-whiten them and in the end the following configuration worked out:

1. mu = 0.03, tau = 1e-5, downsample=8, nCoeff = 4000, delay = 5 (sample-and-hold delay is not included in the new code, it should be added here!)

2. witness pass: AA32 = cheby1("LowPass", 4, 1, 32) AND 0.1:0

3. witness adaptation path: AA32 AND AI32 = cheby1("LowPass", 4, 1, 32) AND 0.1:0

4. error path: AA32 AND 0.1:0 AND anti_1Hz. Before I added anti_1Hz filter oaf did nothing. This filter tries to approximate the actuator transfer function. Note, it is not in the witness adaptation path. This is some sort of whitening.

5. correction path: AI32, gain = -1

Convergence time ~ 5 mins. The performance of the filter is far not perfect compared to the offline implementation. But it deals with a stack though.


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