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Entry  Fri Feb 3 17:31:09 2012, steve, Update, General, green welding glass 02031202.JPG
    Reply  Tue Feb 14 17:09:05 2012, steve, Update, General, reflectivity of green welding glass gg#14ref.pdfgg14refl1Wps.png
    Reply  Fri Mar 30 17:37:09 2012, steve, Update, General, cutting green welding glass for beam dumps IMG_0096.JPG
    Reply  Thu May 17 15:31:22 2012, steve, Update, General, beam trap posts & clamps for vacuum 05161201.PDF05151201.PDF
Message ID: 6473     Entry time: Fri Mar 30 17:37:09 2012     In reply to: 6250
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: cutting green welding glass for beam dumps 


Schott, green welding glass, shade 14, 3 mm thick  was measured in the beam path of 1.2W, S polarization of 1064nm at ~1 mm diameter size as MC reflected path.

Absorption 95%, R 5% at incident angle 25-50 degrees. It looks like the perfect material for beam trap.


 The CIT Chemistry Glass Shop cuts turned out to be sloppy using diamond disc blade  cutter.

East coast Precision Glass & Optics  offered scribed cut and polished side. Their quote price was high and time consuming.

The GLASS HOUSE  shop in Pasadena 626 / 796-9151 on Walnut did a good and cheap job. Oscar the cutter will finish the rest of the cutting by next Friday, April 6

He used scribed cutting technic and his 1" x  0.5"  pieces are good. Bob will pick up them up.

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