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Entry  Tue Feb 28 11:20:51 2012, steve, Update, SAFETY, safety audit 2012 safety12.JPG
    Reply  Fri Mar 30 09:37:13 2012, steve, Update, SAFETY, safety audit 2012 CORRECTIONS 
       Reply  Wed Mar 6 11:33:09 2013, steve, Update, SAFETY, safety audit 2013 IMG_0010.JPG
          Reply  Wed Mar 13 16:04:24 2013, steve, Update, SAFETY, laser safety glasses checked safetyglasseschecked.jpg
             Reply  Wed Feb 19 08:07:01 2014, steve, Update, safety, annual laser safety glasses check  AA2014checked.jpg2014check.jpg
                Reply  Tue Feb 25 16:54:57 2014, steve, Update, safety, safety audit 2014 
                   Reply  Thu Feb 27 13:11:13 2014, steve, Update, safety, safety audit correction noDaisyChaining.jpgZbThumbnail.info
                   Reply  Thu Mar 13 16:05:48 2014, steve, Update, safety, safety audit 2014 T1400198-v1-CIT-LIGO_Labs_Annual_Safety_Audit_2014.pdf
                      Reply  Mon Mar 17 10:50:58 2014, steve, Update, safety, 2014 annual crane certification 2014craneCert.jpg
                         Reply  Thu Oct 2 14:36:52 2014, steve, Update, PEM, oil drops on vertex crane VertexOilDrops.jpg
                      Reply  Mon Apr 28 17:27:29 2014, steve, Update, safety, safety audit 2014 
                         Reply  Tue Apr 29 00:11:03 2014, steve, Update, safety, safety audit 2014 
                            Reply  Fri May 2 08:15:54 2014, steve, Update, safety, safety audit 2014 solidCoverRequired.jpg
          Reply  Tue Mar 19 10:30:00 2013, steve, Update, SAFETY, crane inspection 2013 sippingOIL.jpg03191301.PDF
          Reply  Fri May 31 10:25:17 2013, steve, Update, safety, first aid kits refilled refilledFAidK.jpg
             Reply  Thu Jun 6 16:33:19 2013, steve, Update, safety, updated laser inventory ELSOconnected.jpg
          Reply  Fri Aug 30 08:08:29 2013, steve, Update, safety, fire horns-flashers tested OK 
Message ID: 6470     Entry time: Fri Mar 30 09:37:13 2012     In reply to: 6329     Reply to this: 8240
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: SAFETY 
Subject: safety audit 2012 CORRECTIONS 


Correction list by visiting safety committee, Haick Issaian is not shown:

1,  update laser, crane operator list and post it

2,  check fire extinguishers monthly, date and initials must be on the tags

3,  move drinking water tower so it does not block fire extinguisher

4,  post updated crane doc at cranes

5,  post present phone lists at IFO room phones

6,  emergency laser shutoff at the south end must be mounted without C-clamp

7,  use heavy cable tie to insure position of  mag-fan on cabinet top


Additional to do list:

a,  safety glasses to be cleaned

b, let the electrical shop fix Rack-AC power to optical tables at the ends

c, measure transmission of  laser safety glasses

d, update  IFO outside door info signs

e, update laser inventory and post it

f,  schedule annual crane inspection and renew maintenance contract

g, PSL enclosure  inner shelf needs a good clean up so it is earthquake safe


 Completed with the exception of d and g

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