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Message ID: 6286     Entry time: Thu Feb 16 04:29:30 2012
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: upconversion noise from BS motion 

Sometimes ago I reported that there have been a kind of upconversion noise when PRM was excited (#6211).

This time I found another one, which showed up when BS was excited.

Assuming this is related to some kind of scattering process and also assuming this is from the same scattering body as that for the PRM driven case,

we may be able to localize and perhaps identify the scattering body.



(Measurement Condition)

All the suspended optics are intentionally misaligned except for ITMY so that the laser directly goes through to the dark port without any interference.
Then BS_POS is excited at 3 Hz with amplitude of 1000 counts by an oscillator in the realtime lockin system.
 I also excited PITCH and YAW of BS and found that driving the angular motions didn't produce any upconversion noise.
 I didn't excite ITMY to do the same test because I was too lazy.

(Noise spectrum)

The plot below shows the upconversion noise observed at AS55 and REFL11.
The reference curves were obtained when no excitation were applied on BS_POS.
It is obvious that the AS55 signal shows a typical upconversion behavior.


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