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Entry  Tue Dec 20 15:49:21 2011, steve, Update, PEM, optical table top 05150901.PDF
    Reply  Thu Jan 12 10:11:59 2012, steve, Update, PEM, optical table top with 1" wall 101122012atc.PDF
       Reply  Wed Jan 18 12:38:44 2012, steve, Update, PEM, Acrylic plexiglass transmittance Acrylite-Gp.pptxroscogel_red#26_film.pdf
          Reply  Mon Jan 30 16:18:51 2012, steve, Update, PEM, Roscolux colored film transmittance at 1064 nm 
Message ID: 6237     Entry time: Mon Jan 30 16:18:51 2012     In reply to: 6210
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Roscolux colored film transmittance at 1064 nm 


 Roscolux filter films  #74 night blue,  0.003" thick  and  #26 light red, 0.002" thick  were measured in the beam path of  ~6 mm diameter,  1W 1064 nm .

T 90%  + - 5% at 0-30 degrees of  incident angles and R ~10 % 

These sandwitched thin films of policarbonate-polyester filters are not available in thicker forms. Rosco is recommending them to be cooled by air if used in high power beam.

These filters did not get warm at all in 1W, so absorption must be very small.

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