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Message ID: 6222     Entry time: Wed Jan 25 15:04:41 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Bureaucracy 
Category: SAFETY 
Subject: 40m SOS supplies moved off of cleanroom flow bench 

Bob, Callum and Daphen noted that our keeping a JDSU HeNe (max power <4mW) is against somebody's SOP.  So I cleared everything that relates to 40m SOS suspending to the bottom shelf of the 2nd cabinet in the cleanroom (the back set of cabinets nearest the flow benches).  The door has a nifty label.  Things that are in there include:


HeNe mount

QPD and micrometer mount

microscope and micrometer mount


Al beam block

Magnet gluing fixture

dumbbell gluing fixture

The electronics that we use (HeNe's power supply, 'scope, QPD readout) are still on the roll-y thing under the flow bench.

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