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Entry  Tue Jan 3 15:45:04 2012, Jenne, Update, Computers, FB? 
    Reply  Tue Jan 3 15:49:27 2012, Jamie, Update, Computers, possible front-end timing issue 
       Reply  Wed Jan 4 09:06:50 2012, steve, Update, Computers, possible front-end timing issue rtntstat.png
       Reply  Wed Jan 4 16:40:52 2012, Jamie, Update, Computers, front-end fb communication restored 
Message ID: 6157     Entry time: Tue Jan 3 15:45:04 2012     Reply to this: 6159
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: FB? 

Is there a reason the framebuilder status light is red for all the front ends?

Also, I reenabled PRM watchdog.

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