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Entry  Tue Dec 20 15:49:21 2011, steve, Update, PEM, optical table top 05150901.PDF
    Reply  Thu Jan 12 10:11:59 2012, steve, Update, PEM, optical table top with 1" wall 101122012atc.PDF
       Reply  Wed Jan 18 12:38:44 2012, steve, Update, PEM, Acrylic plexiglass transmittance Acrylite-Gp.pptxroscogel_red#26_film.pdf
          Reply  Mon Jan 30 16:18:51 2012, steve, Update, PEM, Roscolux colored film transmittance at 1064 nm 
Message ID: 6139     Entry time: Tue Dec 20 15:49:21 2011     Reply to this: 6190
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: optical table top 

3/4 " thick colored acrylic material will be used in this air tight design. Surgical tubing for o-ring. We may have to put an o-ring into the bottom to have it really air tight.

Feedtrouhs: www.roxtec.com

The top drawing is not ready. It will have handle and industrial grade L-handle lock pin to hold cover down. There will be 2  one inch od post in the midle of the table to hold the cover and lock  the ball pin.

I'm waiting for your inputs, so I can send this preliminary design out for quote.


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