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Message ID: 6090     Entry time: Thu Dec 8 16:54:05 2011
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: RF System 
Subject: Installation of new demod box 

So far:

* New demod box has been placed in the LSC rack.

* An extra set of +\- 24V has been prepared at the terminal block where all the Crates get their power on the LSC rack.  The grounds were all connected up, but the hot wires weren't.  So there were extra spots available, but none that were pre-wired with my voltages.

     * To do this I turned off all the power supplies in the short rack, since I decided to be a live chicken rather than a dead duck.  After hooking up the new terminal block slots, I turned on the power supplies.

 * Make a power cable to go from the terminal block to the box

Still to do:

 * Connect the spare 55MHz LO and the POP (or POX or POY) unused 11MHz LO to the back of the box

 * Move the PD inputs to the new demod box rather than the borrowed AS11 and POP55 boards

 * Plug the I & Q outs for each freq into some spare ADC channels - must first make sure we have 4 open channels.

 * See if it works.

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