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Message ID: 6064     Entry time: Sat Dec 3 16:55:52 2011
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: digital noise in MC 

I looked once again to the local OSEM sensors and MC length signals. Then I replaced 1e-20 to 1e-50 in the if-statement of the iir_filter function. Here I report about the difference of the signals in question.

First we look at the MC2 OSEM local sensor. In the figure below the psd of the signal is presented in three cases - with a free MC2 mirror without feedback, with a feedback signal and with a feedback signal with corrected if-statement. We can see that without FB the wire resonances are high and dumped when OSEMs are on. However we can see that below 1 Hz the psd of the sensor signal with 1e-20 in the if-statement is higher then psd of the sensor signal from free mirror. FB with 1-50 in the if-statement fixes this problem. 


If we take a look on the plot of the coherence between GUR1_X and SENSOR signals we can see that coherence is corrupted when 1e-20 is used in the is-statement and is good when 1e-50 is used.


 Next we look at the psd of the MC length. We can see how strongly these curves diverge below 1 Hz. The MC_F signal was also corrupted at higher frequencies.


 The coherence between MC_F and GUR1_X is also improved.


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