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Message ID: 5981     Entry time: Tue Nov 22 20:45:21 2011
Author: Mirko 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Measurement of the actuator matrix 

Tried measuring the actuator matrix for MC1.

With the watchdogs tripped I cut the loops for pos, pitch and yaw open just before the servos. Then I injected a fixed sine at 0.4Hz into the three DOFs (suspos, suspit, susyaw) one by one, while looking into the error signal just before the servos.


                                                         Response DOF

                                     pos                 pit             yaw

Injection DOF pos          0.008417       0.00301        0.004975
                     pit            0.01295         0.01959        0.0158
                     yaw         0.007188        0.002152     0.0144

Inverting that and dividing by the norm gives us

 0.8322   -0.1096   -0.1669
-0.2456    0.2869   -0.2293
-0.3777    0.0118    0.4211

Somehow putting this into the 'To coil' matrix has an effect even with the watchdog tripped!?!?


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