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Message ID: 5950     Entry time: Fri Nov 18 16:37:14 2011
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: preparing for ac power interruption 

The vacuum is ready for no AC power for 1 hr on Sunday morning at 10am


I did the follwing:


Closed V1,  stopped the rotation of TP-1 maglev, waited till it reached 0 Hz_ rpm  and  turned it's controller off.

Closed V4 and stopped TP-2 rotating

Closed all annuloses and VA6

Closed VM1 and opened VM3 This means the RGA is being pumped by TP3. RGA is running in background mode. V5 will close instantly as the AC will be turned off.

VAC STATUS:  IFO envelope and annulosses are not pumped.  P1  pressure will reach 5-6 mTorr by Sunday morning.

                                 The PSL output shutter will be closed by the interlock at 3 mTorr


Kiwamu will turn off Piezo Jena PZT power supplies and computers Saturday.

I will be here around 1pm Sunday to star pumping. I will need EPICs MEDM running by than.

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