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Message ID: 5904     Entry time: Wed Nov 16 08:57:08 2011
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC WFS Servo OLG data and fits 

I measured the Transfer Functions between from IN2 to IN1 on the WFS1PIT, WFS2PIT, WFS1YAW and WFS2YAW servo loops. 

Then I used the foton filter profiles of the servo filters in the loop and added another one to simulate the pendulum to generate a reasonable fit to the data.  Only the pendulum filter was hand tweaked since the PIT and YAW pendula have different resonant frequencies.

The filter modules included are:

1) Integrator: zpk([0.8],[0],0.8,"n")

2) Phase lead: zpk([0.8],[100,100],1,"n")

3) 45 deg filter: zpk([1:10],[3,30],1,"n")

4) ELP28: ellip("LowPass",5,1,50,28)

5)Pendulum: zpk([ ],0.03+i*0.82;0.03+i*0.82;],1,"n"  (for YAW)

5)Pendulum: zpk([ ],0.05+i*0.68;0.05+i*0.68;],1,"n"  (for PIT)

The data and fits are below.   The UGF is around 2 to 3 Hz and there is no servo bump at this gain setting.  The fits are poor at and below the resonance because the coherence was poor at these frequencies.  I will have to do a swept sine measurement for these low frequencies.

WFS1PITservo.png  WFS2PITservo.pngWFS1YAWservo.png  WFS2YAWservo.png

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