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Message ID: 5887     Entry time: Mon Nov 14 15:46:14 2011
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: TP2's forepump changed 

The foreline pressure of TP2 was 1.4 Torr this morning. This drypump worked well for ten months.

Recently rebuilt  drypump with new seal was swapped in.

This is how you do it: close  V1,  V4 and turn off TP2. Replace drypump and start up TP2

Set pump speed to 50 K rpm and open V4 to TP1 Note that the Maglev was not turned off  because V4 was closed off only 5-10 minutes.

Open V1 the status is Vac Normal.

TP2 is rotating at  50K rpm, current pick up 0.2A,  the temp is 26C and its foreline pressure 33 mTorr

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