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Entry  Mon Nov 7 14:50:19 2011, Jenne, Update, Computers, ISCEX is having a bad day 
    Reply  Mon Nov 7 17:27:28 2011, jamie, Update, Computers, ISCEX IO chassis timing slave dead 
       Reply  Wed Nov 9 18:02:42 2011, jamie, Update, CDS, ISCEX front-end working again (for the moment...) 
Message ID: 5836     Entry time: Mon Nov 7 17:27:28 2011     In reply to: 5830     Reply to this: 5854
Author: jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: ISCEX IO chassis timing slave dead 

It appears that the timing slave in the c1iscex IO chassis is dead.  It's front "link" lights are dark, although there appears to be power to the board (other on-board leds are lit).  These front lights should either be on and blinking steadily if the board is talking to the timing system, or blinking fast if there is no connection to the timing distribution box.  This likely indicates that the board has had some sort of internal failure.

Unfortunately Downs has no spare timing slave boards lying around at the moment; they're all stuffed in IO chassis awaiting shipping.  I'm going to email Rolf about stealing one, and if he agrees we'll work with Todd Etzel to pull one out for a transplant

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