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Message ID: 5824     Entry time: Sun Nov 6 16:58:25 2011
Author: Zach 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Dr. SUS failed--NDS2 problems again 

 Dr. SUS failed while trying to get the sensor data. Specifically, it couldn't get ETMY data. This is odd, because in my tribulations last week I ended up having to add the ETMY_SENSOR channels manually into the NDS2 channel files. After doing this, I was able to get ETMY data just fine (though I admitted that we would have problems again as soon as we wanted to update the channel files). I even ran the diagAllSUS code in a sandbox and it pulled data---and generated input matrices---just fine.

The error persists even if I try to get the data manually:


>> d = NDS2_GetData({'C1:SUS-ETMY_SENSOR_UL'},t0,10,'mafalda.martian:31200');

Connecting.... authenticate done

Warning: daq_recv_next failed


??? Error using ==> NDS2_GetData

Fatal Error getting channel data.

I think Jamie is still waiting for J.Z.'s help with this, but it is probably pointless to keep trying to run this code before NDS2 is working again. Another option is to just use NDS, but I think certain people are opposed to this. 



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