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Message ID: 5397     Entry time: Tue Sep 13 19:12:53 2011
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: changes to the c1ioo, c1mcs and c1rfm 

[Suresh, Jamie]

The new versions of these three models have been committed to the svn.  I copy below the svn log I wrote over there.

I edited three models,namely c1ioo, c1mcs and c1rfm to bring four channels from C1MCS model into the
 C1IOO model through the RFM.

We plan to use the MC2-Trans-QPD as a third sensor in addition to the WFS1 and WFS2 in the ASC system so that we can sense all the six degrees of freedom of the MC.  However the MC2-Trans_QPD is a new incarnation of the old MC2 Oplev QPD and its four segments are are picked up in the c1mcs model running on the C1SUS machine.  Since we need these    in the C1IOO machine we    had to port these signals via the RFM.  The    changes    I made to these    models are described below:
1) c1rfm.mdl -->  I added several cds parts to carry these four    channels from c1mcs to c1ioo via c1rfm

2) c1mcs.adl -->  In the MC2 block of c1mcs I cut out the structure which converts the four segments of the  QPD in the pitch, yaw and sum signals and copied it to the c1ioo model.     In the    c1mcs I  grounded the input of the oplev signals just as they are in    the MC1    and MC2    suspension blocks. I then routed the ADC channels associated with the oplev QPD signals to the rfm model.

3) c1ioo.mdl --> I have made extensive changes to the c1ioo model to include the third sensor in the WFS feedback loop.  The six lockins in the model are used to excite the MC mirrors and the signals from WFS and QPD can be demodulated to determine the input or output matrices in the WFS feedback.  A sensor_demod_array permits us to select the signals we wish to demodulate. The MCL signal, used in the MC_ASS and A2L measurements, is retained as one of the signals.  The MC_TRANS_SUM was used several in  scripts and to preserve the continuity with this channel name we inserted three EPICS parts to generate a slow channel by the same name from this model.

Since the MC_TRANS_SUM is used in the MC-autolocker script we checked to make sure that the script is running after we recompiled all the three models and restarted them.  It is all fine.

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