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Message ID: 517     Entry time: Wed Jun 4 13:46:42 2008
Author: josephb 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: Changing incident angle images 
Attached are images from the GC650 and GC750 when the incident angle was varied from 0 tilt (normal incidence) to 5,10, and 20 degrees. Each time the beam was realigned via the last turning mirror to be on roughly the same spot. This light was a pickoff of the PSL table light just before it leaves the table.

Images include the raw data, fit to the data, residual normalized by peak power "w(1)", and normalized by the individual bin power.

The first pdf includes 0 degrees (normal) and ~5 degrees of tilt for the GC650 (CCD) camera.

The second pdf includes ~10 and ~20 degrees of tilt images for the GC650 (CCD) camera.

The third pdf includes 0 and ~5 degrees of tilt for the GC750 (CMOS) camera.

The fourth pdf includes ~10 and ~20 degrees of tilt for the GC750 (CMOS) camera.

Things to note:
1) GC750 camera seems to have a structure on the camera itself, somewhat circular in nature. One possible explanation is the camera was damage at a previous juncture due to too much light. Need to check earlier images for this problem.
2) GC650 has "bands" which change direction and thickness with angle. Also at higher incidence angle, the sensitivity seems to drop (unlike the GC750 where overall power level seems to stay constant with increasing angle of incidence).
3) GC650 seems to have a higher noise floor,seen from the last plot of each pdf (where each pixel of the residual is normalized by the power in the corresponding pixel of the fit).
Attachment 1: GC650_0dg_5dg.pdf  502 kB  Uploaded Wed Jun 4 16:42:59 2008  | Show | Show all
Attachment 2: GC650_10dg_20dg.pdf  461 kB  Uploaded Wed Jun 4 16:43:07 2008  | Show | Show all
Attachment 3: GC750_0dg_5dg.pdf  501 kB  Uploaded Wed Jun 4 16:48:21 2008  | Show | Show all
Attachment 4: GC750_10dg_20dg.pdf  503 kB  Uploaded Wed Jun 4 16:54:18 2008  | Show | Show all
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