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Entry  Fri Aug 5 20:44:26 2011, jamie, Metaphysics, Treasure, Film crew here Monday morning 
    Reply  Fri Aug 5 22:54:29 2011, kiwamu, Metaphysics, Treasure, Crane crew here Monday morning 
    Reply  Mon Aug 8 13:24:00 2011, steve, Metaphysics, Treasure, Monday morning P1080147.JPG
Message ID: 5139     Entry time: Mon Aug 8 13:24:00 2011     In reply to: 5128
Author: steve 
Type: Metaphysics 
Category: Treasure 
Subject: Monday morning 


Just a reminder that a film crew will be here Monday morning, filming Christian Ott for some Discovery channel show.

They are slated to be here from 8am to 12:30pm or so.  They will take a couple of shots inside the lab, and the rest of the filming should be of Christian in the control room (which they will "clean up" and fit with "sexy lighting").  I will try to be here the whole time to oversee everything.

Konecrane Fred was early this morning. He diagnosed the ETMY crane horizontal drive gear box dead and left just before the film crew showed up.

New gear box should be here by the end of this week for installation.

The lab air quality is high ~20,000 counts of particles of 0.5 micron.  Keep an eye on this before you open the chamber.

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