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Message ID: 5119     Entry time: Thu Aug 4 20:05:23 2011
Author: Nicole 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: New Horizontal Sliding Base Mount for TT suspension testing 

In order to more-securely mount the TT supsion to the horizontal sliding base, I have made a sub-mounting plate (upon Koji's suggestion) to go in between the horizontal sliding base and the TT suspension base. I made many mistakes in this once-pristine aluminum board. I learned that using a ruler is not good enough for determining where to make holes. Upon Koji's suggestion, I have completed the mounting plate by first making a full-scale diagram on Solid Works, printing it out, and then using the diagram to determine where to make my punch holes. Thank you also to Manuel for helping me drill and to Suresh for teaching me how to use the taps!


I have been able to successfully mount the plate to the horizontal sliding platform. The TT suspension base is mounted to the front of the mounting plate (there are counter-sink screws at the front connecting the platform to the slider so that the screw heads do not obstruct the TT base). I have been able to successfully mount the TT suspension base to the mounting plate. I have also reattached the TT suspension frame to its original base (the one that I modified so that the TT could be mounted to a 1 inch pitch surface). Currently, the TT suspension is mounted to the optical table I have been working on (next to the MC-2 chamber). I am working on balancing the mirror. I am going to balance the mirror using a 670nm LED laser.

Below is a picture of the laser and the laser block I am using. After I took this photo, I have mounted the laser and the block to the optical table next to the MC-2 chamber.



I have already leveled the laser and I will plan to work on balancing the mirror tomorrow morning (my hands were shaking a lot this afternoon/evening, so I think it would be best to wait until the morning when I will be more careful). I am now going to work on the second half of my photosensor circuit box and second sensor head.


Please do not touch the 670nm laser on the optical table next to the MC-2 chamber! It has been leveled. Please also be careful around the optical table, since the TT suspension is mounted to the table!

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