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Entry  Wed Aug 3 12:27:01 2011, Nicole, Summary, SUS, Weekly Summary calibrationplot.jpgcalibrationplot.jpgcalibrationplot.jpgnewholestobe.JPG
    Reply  Wed Aug 3 12:37:57 2011, Koji, Summary, SUS, Weekly Summary 
Message ID: 5108     Entry time: Wed Aug 3 12:37:57 2011     In reply to: 5107
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Weekly Summary 

I vote for making an adapter plate between the sliding plate and the bottom base.


This morning, I realized that the current set-up of the horizontal shaker does not allow for the TT to be securely mounted. I was going to change the drill holes in the horizontal slider base (1 inch pitch). Jamie has suggested that it is better to make a pair of holes in the base larger. The circled holes are the ones that will be expanded to a 0.26" diameter so that I can mount the mirror securely to the horizontal slider base. There is a concern that a bit of the TT suspension base will hang over the edge of the horizontal sliding plate. We are not sure if this will cause problems with shaking the mirror evenly. Suggestions/advice are appreciated.


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