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Message ID: 5099     Entry time: Tue Aug 2 23:14:21 2011
Author: Nicole 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Corrected Screw Alignment in TT Suspension Base 

The TT suspension base was not able to be securely mounted to the optical table (i.e. mounted with 4 screws)

because the spacing between the screw holes in the base did not have the correct spacing for mounting on a table with a 1 inch pitch.


We have carefully removed the suspension from the problematic base. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL AROUND THE TABLE NEXT TO THE MC-2 CHAMBER! THE TT SUSPENSION IS RESTING THERE WITHOUT THE BASE! I will reattach it to the base tomorrow morning when I am less tired and more careful!

We measured the base to be about 4.882" x 3.774". The screw hole spacing is about 3.775" and 2.710" respectively. I have changed the diameter of the screw holes from 0.26" to 0.315" and have been able to successfully mount the suspension to the 1 inch pitch table next to the MC-2 chamber.



Now that the TT suspension can be mounted, I am going to be aligning a 670nm LED laser and balancing the mirror on the TT tomorrow morning. I will be using a beam blocker but please still be careful.

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