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Entry  Thu May 29 16:32:09 2008, steve, Update, SUS, etmy oplev is back P1020417.pngP1020420.png
    Reply  Fri May 30 12:37:45 2008, rob, Update, SUS, etmy oplev is back 
Message ID: 507     Entry time: Fri May 30 12:37:45 2008     In reply to: 504
Author: rob 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: etmy oplev is back 

I relayed the optics for ETMY-oplev as shown in pictures below.
The reflected beam goes directly to the qpd

I turned on the servo. UGFs in PIT and YAW are ~3Hz. I had to flip the sign of the YAW.
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