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Message ID: 4630     Entry time: Wed May 4 17:32:06 2011
Author: Larisa Thorne 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Jenne-Seismometer LPF project 

Building on what was posted previously



The configuration has now evolved into an Inverting Op Amp Feedback Low Pass Filter circuit.

Had to change out some components to satisfy conditions: R1=1k Ohm, R2=10k Ohm, C=0.1uF. These were changed in order to decrease the magnitude of the current passing through the op amp by a factor of 10 (10V supplied through the R1 resistor yields about 10mA). The configuration itself was changed from non-inverting to inverting in order to get the frequency vs. gain part of the Bode plot to continue to decrease across higher frequencies instead of leveling off around 4kHz.

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