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Message ID: 4591     Entry time: Fri Apr 29 18:24:05 2011
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: RF System 
Subject: RF system: 1X2 Rack cabling 

[Joe, Jamie, Suresh]

We have installed the IDE to SCSI adaptor module into the 1X2 rack and have connected the AA filter outputs to it.



We have removed the following cables running between the 1X2 and 1X3 racks.

The long twisted pair ribbon cable which previously carried the ADC signals.

1X2-ASC 6, 1X2-ASC 47, 1X2-ASC 9, 1X2-ASC 8, 1X2-ASC 10, 1X2-ASC 7,

CAB-1X2-LSC 42, CAB 1X2-LSC 56,  CAB 1X2-LSC 41, CAB 1X2-LSC 43

1X3-2 ASC 47

We have also removed the following by mistake.  We will put them back them on Monday

1X2-LSC 21, 1X2-LSC-20.

We have also removed the ASC QPD cables and moved the QPD cards which were present in the middle Eurocate (#2) to the unused Eurocrate at the bottom position (#3).

The binary input cables at the back of the cards require to be supported so that their weight does not pull them out of the sockets at the back of the crates.

Some of the slots where we plan to plug in Demod boards (the 165 MHz boards)  are not currently connected to any binary output on the C1:LSC computer.  We need these binary controls for the fitlter modules on the cards.

When we eventually begin to use the 15PDs as planned, then we will occupy 30 ADC channels (I & Q outputs).  Currently we have just one ADC card installed on the C1:LSC providing 32 ADC channels.  Joe found another 16bit 32 channel ADC card in his stash but we need to get a timing+adaptor board for it. In general we are going to need the third Eurocrate.

A platform for the power supply of the RF Distribution box needs to be built and the power supply needs to be moved into the 1X2 rack rather than sit on top of 1X2 rack.




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