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Message ID: 4298     Entry time: Tue Feb 15 11:43:53 2011
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Occasional error with NDS2 

Just in case anyone has encountered this / knows how to fix it....

I'm running NDS2 on Rossa, trying to get a bunch of raw data from S5.  I get 10min of data at a time, and it goes through ~200 iterations successfully, and then throws the following error:

Getting new data
Connecting.... authenticate ... done
daq_recv_id: Wrong length read (0)
Error reading writerID in daq_recv_block
Warning: daq_request_data failed
??? Error using ==> NDS2_GetData
Fatal Error getting channel data.

Error in ==> getDARMdataTS at 37
oot = NDS2_GetData({...

Error in ==> SaveRawData_H1_DARM at 40
    oot = getDARMdataTS(t0s(ii), strideDuration, srate);

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