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Message ID: 4142     Entry time: Wed Jan 12 02:41:19 2011
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: daytime tasks for tomorrow 

[Rana, Kiwamu]

Here is the list for the daytime tasks of tomorrow, Jan. 12th.

The daytime task is a work basically to be done or quitted before the sun goes down.

Along with the tasks, we roughly assigned the people who are responsible for it.

The tasks below are basically separated from each other, so we can work in parallel.



--- 1.  LSC analog interface check (Joe/Koji)

   * check whitening filter

   * demodulation board check

    * check ADC connections


--- 2.  MC2 coil Dewhitening (Joe)

    * fix binary outputs.

    * FM9 must be the trigger of the binary outputs instead of FM10.


--- 3. 11MHz modulation depth (Kiwamu)

   * investigate why the depth is so low


--- 4. PEM DAQ name issue (Jenne)

   * change the name of seismic channels properly so that we can deal with the calibrated stuff


--- 5. phase adjustment for MC-PDH locking (Suresh)


--- 6. medm screens for C1LSC ()

    * make screens




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