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Entry  Wed Dec 22 17:24:50 2010, steve, Configuration, VAC, slow pumpdown at 12 hours slowpd12h.jpg
    Reply  Wed Dec 22 21:38:47 2010, kiwamu, Configuration, VAC, Re:slow pumpdown at 12 hours 
    Reply  Thu Dec 23 13:30:09 2010, steve, Configuration, VAC, slow pumpdown complete slow2dpd.jpg
Message ID: 4089     Entry time: Wed Dec 22 17:24:50 2010     Reply to this: 4090   4094
Author: steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: slow pumpdown at 12 hours 

We have reached 200 Torr at 12 hours of slow pumping speed. Kiwamu stopped the pumping for 11 hrs last night .and I restarted it this morning.

Now RV1 is fully open with butterfly valve in place  and the second roughing  pump RP3 was just turned on.


How to stop pumping:

1,  close RV1 manual valve with torque wheel

2, close V3

3, turn off roughing pumps RP1 & RP3

4, disconnect metal hose connection to butterfly valve

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