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Entry  Wed Dec 15 13:36:44 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, ETMY IO chassis update 
    Reply  Wed Dec 15 14:23:32 2010, Koji, Update, CDS, ETMY IO chassis update 
Message ID: 4057     Entry time: Wed Dec 15 13:36:44 2010     Reply to this: 4058
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: ETMY IO chassis update 

I gave Alex a sob story over lunch about having to go and try to resurrect dead VME crates.  He and Rolf then took pity on me and handed me their last host interface board from their test stand, although I was warned by Rolf that this one (the latest generation board from One Stop) seems to be flakier than previous versions, and may require reboots if it starts in a bad state.

Anyways, with this in hand I'm hoping to get c1iscey damping by tomorrow at the latest.

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