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Entry  Sun Dec 5 22:28:39 2010, rana, Summary, all down cond., power outage 
    Reply  Mon Dec 6 11:53:20 2010, josephb, kiwamu, Summary, all down cond., power outage 
    Reply  Mon Dec 6 11:57:21 2010, Koji, Summary, all down cond., power outage 
Message ID: 4013     Entry time: Mon Dec 6 11:57:21 2010     In reply to: 4011
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: all down cond. 
Subject: power outage 

I checked the vacuum system and judged there is no apparent issue.

The chambers and annulus had been vented before the power failure.
So the matters are only on the TMPs.

TP1 showed the "Low Input Voltage" failure. I reset the error and the turbine was lift up and left not rotating.
TP2 and TP3 seem rotating at 50KRPM and the each lines show low pressur (~1e-7)
although I did not find the actual TP2/TP3 themselves.


Looks like there was a power outage. The control room workstations were all off (except for op440m). Rosalba and the projector's computer came back, but rossa and allegra are not lighting up their monitors.

linux1 and nodus and fb all appear to be on and answering their pings.

I'm going to leave it like this for the morning crew. If it


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