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Entry  Sun Dec 5 22:28:39 2010, rana, Summary, all down cond., power outage 
    Reply  Mon Dec 6 11:53:20 2010, josephb, kiwamu, Summary, all down cond., power outage 
    Reply  Mon Dec 6 11:57:21 2010, Koji, Summary, all down cond., power outage 
Message ID: 4012     Entry time: Mon Dec 6 11:53:20 2010     In reply to: 4011
Author: josephb, kiwamu 
Type: Summary 
Category: all down cond. 
Subject: power outage 

The monitors for allegra and rossa's seemed to be in a weird state after the power outage.  I turned allegra and rossa on, but didn't see anything.  However, I was after awhile able to ssh in.  Power cycling the monitors did apparently got them talking with the computers again and displaying.

I had to power cycle the c1sus and c1iscex machines (they probably booted faster than linux1 and the fb machines, and thus didn't see their root and /cvs/cds directories).  All the front ends seem to be working normally and we have damped optics.

The slow crates look to be working, such as c1psl, c1iool0, c1auxex and so forth.

Kiwamu turned the main laser back on.


Looks like there was a power outage.


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