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Entry  Tue Nov 23 10:48:31 2010, Koji, Update, IOO, the plan of the day 
    Reply  Tue Nov 23 22:01:49 2010, kiwamu, Update, IOO, immigration plan for in-vac PZT mirrors  Untitled.png
       Reply  Mon Nov 29 11:51:41 2010, kiwamu, Update, IOO, swaped in-vac PZT mirrors  
          Reply  Tue Nov 30 04:22:52 2010, kiwamu, Update, IOO, swaped in-vac PZT mirrors  
             Reply  Tue Nov 30 12:33:27 2010, kiwamu, Summary, IOO, cabling of in-vac PZT mirrors  
Message ID: 3980     Entry time: Tue Nov 23 22:01:49 2010     In reply to: 3973     Reply to this: 3988
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: immigration plan for in-vac PZT mirrors  

 [Suresh, Kiwamu]

We found that two of three PZT mirrors are at wrong place in the chambers.

Therefore we have to move these PZT mirrors together with their connections.

Here is a diagram for the current situation and the plan.



  Basically mirror (A) must be associated to the output beam coming out from the SRM, but it was incorrectly put as a part of the input optics.

Similar to that, mirror (C) must belong to the input optics, but it is incorrectly being used as a part of OMC stuff.

Therefore we have to swap the positions of mirror (A) and mirror (C) as shown in the diagram above.

In addition to the mirror immigration, we also have to move their cables as well in order to keep the right functions.


 We took a look at the length of the cables outside of the chambers in order to check if they are long enough or not.

And we found that the cables from c1asc (green line in the diagram) is not long enough, so we will put an extension D-sub cable.

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