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Message ID: 3949     Entry time: Thu Nov 18 16:42:29 2010
Author: Joonho Lee 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Quad Video for PMCT, RCT, RCR fixed. 

The far right monitor in the control room is now displaying IMCR, PMCT, RCR, RCT.

Please note that top left quad is displying PMCT even if the screen is labeled with PMCR.


Control room monitor #13 - #16 had been out of order since the last week.

(the monitor number is shown at : http://lhocds.ligo-wa.caltech.edu:8000/40m/Electronics/VideoMUX )

I found that the connections between camera and the cable to the VIDEO MUX were missing so I connected them.

Initially, PMCT camera was sending its signal to the small monitor on the PSL table.

I splitted the signal so that one signal is going to the small monitor and another is going to the VIDEO MUX.

The "PMCR" is shown on the screen #13 in the control room but it actually showing PMCT camera's signal.


This is a temporary VIDEO configuration. It will be upgraded as well when the whole VIDEO will be upgraded.

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