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Message ID: 379     Entry time: Fri Mar 14 14:59:51 2008
Author: josephb 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: Comparison between GC650 (CCD) and GC750 (CMOS) looking at ETMX 
Attached are images taken of ETMX while locked.

The first two are 300,000 microsecond exposure time, with approximately the same focusing/zoom. (The 750 is slightly more zoomed in than the 650 in these images). The second are 30,000 microsecond exposures. The la

The CMOS appears to be more sensitive to the 1064 nm reflected light (resulting in bright images for the same exposure time). This may make a difference in applications where images are desired to be taken quickly and repeatedly.

Both seem to be resolving individual specks on the optic reasonably well.

Next test is to place both camera on a Gaussian beam (in a couple different modes say 00, 11, and so forth), probably using the PMC.
Attachment 1: ETMX_z2_exp_300000_650.tiff  562 kB
Attachment 2: ETMX_z2_exp_300000_750.tiff  562 kB
Attachment 3: ETMX_z2_exp_30000_650.tiff  562 kB
Attachment 4: ETMX_z2_exp_30000_750.tiff  562 kB
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