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Message ID: 3782     Entry time: Tue Oct 26 01:53:21 2010
Author: Joonho Lee 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Fuction Generator removed. 

Today I worked on how to measure cable impedance directly.

In order to measure the impedance in RF range, I used a function generator which could generate 50MHz signal and was initially connected to the table on the right of the decks.

The reason I am checking the cables is for replacing the cables with impedance of 50 or 52 ohm by those with impedance of 75 ohm.

After I figures out which cable has not proper impedance, I will make new cables and substitute them in order to match the impedance, which would lead to better VIDEO signal.


To test the VIDEO cables, I need a function generator generating signal of frequency 50 MHz.

In the deck on the right of PSL table, there was only one such generator which was connected to the table on the right of the deck.

Therefore, I disconnected it from the cable and took it to the control room to use it because Rana said it was not used.

Then, I tired to find on how to measure the impedance of cable directly but I did not finish yet.

When I finished today works, I put the generator back to the deck but I did not connect to the previous cable which was initially connected to the generator.


Next time, I will finish the practical method of measuring the cable impedance then I will measure the cables with unknown impedance.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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