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Message ID: 3743     Entry time: Tue Oct 19 22:37:28 2010
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PSL table cleaning up 

I cleaned up the scattered tools, optics, and mounts of the PSL table. I gathered those stuffs at the two coners.

At the end of the work I scanned the table with an IR viewer. (This is mandatory)
I put some beam block plates to kill weak stray beams.

One thing I like to call the attention is:

I found that some beam blocks were missing at around the PBSs just after the laser source.
Those PBSs tend to reject quite a lot of beam power
--- no matter how the HWPs/QWPs are arranged.

--- even at the backward side.
(remember that we have a faraday there.)

Particularly, there was no beam block at the forward rejection side of the first PBS where we dump the high power beam.

Be careful. 

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