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Message ID: 3673     Entry time: Thu Oct 7 17:19:55 2010
Author: josephb, alex, rolf 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1sus status 

As noted by Koji, Alex and Rolf stopped by.

We discussed the feasibility of getting multiple models using the same DAC.  We decided that we infact did need it. (I.e. 8 optics through 3 DACs does not divide nicely), and went about changing the controller.c file so as to gracefully handle that case.  Basically it now writes a 0 to the channel rather than repeating the last output if a particular model goes down that is sharing a DAC.

In a separate issue, we found that when skipping DACs  in a model (say using DACs 1 and 2 only) there was a miscommunication to the IOP, resulting in the wrong DACs getting the data.  the temporary solution is to have all DACs in each model, even if they are not used.  This will eventually be fixed in code.

At this point, we *seem* to be able to control and damp optics.  Look for a elog from Yuta confirming or denying this later tonight (or maybe tomorrow).


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