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Message ID: 3668     Entry time: Thu Oct 7 14:57:52 2010
Author: josephb, yuta 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1sus status 

Around noon, Yuta and I were trying to figure out why we were getting no signal out to the mode cleaner coils.  It turns out the mode cleaner optic control model was not talking to the IOP model. 

Alex and I were working under the incorrect assumption that you could use the same DAC piece in multiple models, and simply use a subset of the channels.  He finally went and asked Rolf, who said that the same DAC simulink piece in different models doesn't work.  You need to use shared memory locations to move the data to the model with the DAC card.  Rolf says there was a discussion (probably a long while back) where it was asked if we needed to support DAC cards in multiple models and the decision was that it was not needed.

Rolf and Alex have said they'd come over and discuss the issue.

In the meantime, I'm moving forward by adding shared memory locations for all the mode cleaner optics to talk to the DAC in the c1sus model.


Note by KA: Important fact that is worth remembering

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