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Message ID: 3655     Entry time: Tue Oct 5 18:27:18 2010
Author: Joonho Lee 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: CCD cable's impedence 

Today I checked the CCD cables which is connected to the VIDEOMUX.

17 cables are type of RG59, 8 cables are type of RG58. I have not figured out the type of other cables(23 cables) yet.

The reason I am checking the cables is for replacing the cables with impedance of 50 or 52 ohm by those with impedance of 75 ohm.

After I figures out which cable has not proper impedance, I will make new cables and substitute them in order to match the impedance, which would lead to better VIDEO signal.

To check the impedance of each CCD cable, I went to the VIDEOMUX and looked for the label on the cable's surface.

Type of RG59 is designated to the cable of impedance 75ohm. I wrote down each cable's input or output channel number with observation(whether it is of type RG59 or not).

The result of observation is as follows.

Type channel number where it is connected to
Type 59 in#2, in#11, in#12, in#15, in#18, in#19, in#22, in#26, out#3, out#4, out#11, out#12, out#14, out#17, out#18, out#20, out#21
Type 58 in#17, in#23, in#24, in#25, out#2, out#5, out#7, out#19
unknown type others


For 23 cables that I have not figured out their type, cables are too entangled so it is limited to look for the label along each cable.

I will try to figure out more tomorrow. Any suggestion would be really appreciated.

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