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Message ID: 3653     Entry time: Tue Oct 5 16:58:41 2010
Author: josephb, yuta 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1sus front end status 

We moved the filters for the mode cleaner optics over from the C1SUS.txt file in /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/chans/ to the C1MCS.txt file, and placed SUS_ on the front of all the filter names.  This has let us load he filters for the mode cleaner optics.

At the moment, we cannot seem to get testpoints for the optics (i.e. dtt is not working, even the specially installed ones on rosalba). I've asked Yuta to enter in the correct matrix elements and turn the correct filters on, then save with a burt backup.

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